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All About Braaamp

Braaamp - snowmobile loading upThe Braaamp is a 3-in-1 ramp / flat deck / trailer that can be loaded by one person. It is designed, tested and built in Saskatchewan by two innovative brothers who own and operate a custom welding and fabricating shop.

The Braaamp fits in any make, model and size of pick-up truck. Simply remove your tailgate and in seconds you’ll have the simplest, safest 8’ to 14’ tilting flat deck load ramp on the market. Additionally, if you’re in need of a trailer, the Braaamp also converts into a 8’ to 14’ trailer in seconds without the need for any tools. The trailer conversion is so compact that it can be checked in with your luggage and taken around the world with no additional costs!

The Braaamp is built out of aluminum and galvanized steel with grip glides allowing ski carbides to slide and wheels to grip when loading.

Braaamp - golf cart loadedUses: golf carts, snowmobiles, ATV’s, side by sides, watercrafts, fishing boats, canoes, kayaks, building materials, work bench and as a trailer.

Developing the Braaamp to fit every make, model and size of pick up out there was a challenge but we managed to accomplish this using a few simple bushings and adapters that are included with every Braaamp sold.

Strength and simplicity is our business model.

Get your Braaamp on and get outside!

Patent pending design.